Anonymous: what you do you feel is more harmful, racism or sexism?


Can’t pick one over the other cause I experience both and if you only focus on men vs women or PoC vs whites then you’ll never get anywhere cause you’re not seeing the big picture

A white woman will have white privilege but still experience sexism

A brown man will experience racism but still have male privilege

And many are double or triple minorities like being a trans WoC and you can’t just nitpick and ask them which makes their life harder, cause it’s all intertwined
like she’ll experience transphobia and racism and sexism and those all affect her the same way

They’re both bad and they both need to be addressed and you can’t remove one from the other


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Ellen what the fuck happened in 1998

ellen degeneres came out in 1997

yeah but ellen what happened in 2014

ellen page came out in 2014

jesuseatsdiamonds: bitch you make no sense. you don't shave your legs but pluck your eyebrows? wow you really proved society haven't you. congratulations you're so new edgy and influential. sike naaaaah..


i want to pluck my eyebrows and i don’t want to shave my legs how is that a difficult concept?

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